Semuhi Sinanoglu

Containing Ethnic Conflict: Repression, Cooptation, and Identity Politics

with Ceren Belge, published on Comparative Politics, December 17.

­čÜĘ NEW PUBLICATION ALERT! @cerenbelge and I've been working on this #civilwar paper for a while. So grateful to @Journal_CompPol, and @laiabalcells & @YegorLazarev for their feedback on earlier drafts. A mini ­čžÁ: #polisci #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #PhdLife #phdchat

— Semuhi Sinano─člu (@semuhi) December 20, 2021
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Does Every Cloud Have a Silver Lining? Disasters and Polarization

with Michael Donnelly, ongoing research funded through EGAP Priority Theme Research Grant and POMEPS Travel, Research, Engagement Grant.

I'm grateful for @EGAPTweets' support for my research w/ @m_j_donnelly on strategies to reduce polarization. Some cool and fun experiments coming your way -- stay tuned!#phdlife #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #polisci

— Semuhi Sinano─člu (@semuhi) November 23, 2021
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Divided at Home, Divided Abroad?

with Selin Kepenek, working paper presented at APSA 2021 and ECPR 2021.

Hey #polisci scholars! Interested in polarization scholarship? Gather around and buckle up! @selinkepenek and I have a working paper entitled "Divided at Home, Divided Abroad?" on polarization among immigrants. To be presented at @APSAtweets & @ECPR this year!

A short thread:

— Semuhi Sinano─člu (@semuhi) August 23, 2021
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Out of sight, out of mind: The impact of lockdown measures on sentiment towards refugees

with Amir Abdul Reda & Amine Mohamed Aboussalah, under review. Originally prepared for the World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Series 2021.

You may find an earlier draft on SSRN.

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Mobilizing the Masses: Measuring Resource Mobilization on Twitter

with Amir Abdul Reda & Mohamed Abdalla, published on Sociological Methods & Research, February 4.

Our paper w/ @amirabdulreda & Mo. Abdalla just up at SMR. Ungated!

We created a lexicon to capture tweets about resource mobilization in the US. Our index score correlates with #protests in the US.#AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter#phdlife

— Semuhi Sinano─člu (@semuhi) February 4, 2021
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