Semuhi Sinanoglu

Other Publications

Year Reference Type
2021 A Time of Crisis and Opportunity: Digitizing SMEs in Turkey. Istanbul: Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation & CIPE (November). report
2021 COVID Impact Assessment Report. Istanbul: Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation & CIPE (May). report
2021 “Otoriter Rejimlerde Bürokrasi: Sadık mı Layık mı? [Bureaucracy under Authoritarianism: Loyal or Competent?],” Daktilo1984, February 15. op-ed
2018 “Building a policy school that has real social impact,” Policy Options, November 28. op-ed
2018 “Memlekete Dönmek [Return Home],” Birikim, November 12. op-ed
2018 “We need a new conservative party in Turkey for regime transition,” The Jerusalem Post, March 31. op-ed
2018 “Socially Inclusive Fourth Industrial Revolution: Fostering Youth Employment in the Middle East and North Africa.” In Realizing Youth Potential in the Mediterranean: Unlocking Opportunities, Overcoming Challenges, edited by Lorenzo Kamel & Asli Selin Okyay: 101‑12. Rome: IAI Research Studies. book chapter
2018 “Akıllı Şehirler ve Çağımızın Hastalığı Teknolojizm [Smart cities and technologism as the curse of our age]” Civil Pages, April 19. op-ed
2018 “Gençlerin sesini dinlemek [Hearing Youth's Voices],” Civil Pages, January 2. op-ed
2017 “Kanada Masalı [The Tale of Canada],” Civil Pages, November 1. op-ed
2017 “Death & politics: the burial of a Kurdish woman in Turkey,” openDemocracy, October 4. op-ed
2017 “Derneğe Ev Yok [No Home for Associations],” Civil Pages, August 1. op-ed
2017 “Review of Steven Cook’s False Dawn: Protest, Democracy, and Violence in the Middle East.” Turkish Policy Quarterly (Summer): 107‑11. book review
2017 “Parti Ebed Müddet: Bir Siyaset Teknolojisi Olarak Yeni Osmanlıcı TRT Dizileri [The Eternal Party: New Ottomanist TV Series as a Political Technology],” Birikim, March 30. op-ed
2016 “5 disturbing facts about living under occupation,” Middle East Monitor, August 22. op-ed
2016 “Tackling the Syrian Refugee Crisis: Prospects & Challenges,” Turkish Policy Quarterly (Spring): 123‑30 (with E. Arslan & I. Taner). report
2015 contributed to Improving Basic Services Delivery for the Poor in the OIC Member Countries prepared by Development Analytics. Ankara: COMCEC. report
2014 contributed to Supply and Demand for Child Care Services in Turkey prepared by Development Analytics. Washington, DC: World Bank. report
2011 “Youth who make the future,” openDemocracy, September 23. op-ed