Semuhi Sinanoglu

About me

I’m a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at the University of Toronto. I’m originally from Turkey.

My dissertation research is on the authoritarian political control of the business elite through repression and cooptation. I’m also interested in how autocrats use polarization as a tool of political control. I employ quantitative, computational, and experimental methods for my academic research. My co-authored papers are published on high-impact academic journals such as Comparative Politics and Sociological Methods & Research.

I’m the co‑founder of a Toronto‑based political risk consultancy company, Maidan Analytics, that leverages big data to predict protest‑related risks for businesses. Before my doctoral studies, I co‑founded two social impact initiatives for youth empowerment. One based in Montreal advocated for youth inclusion in the design of smart cities. The other, based in Istanbul, mobilized more than 30 stakeholder organizations in six countries across the MENA region to foster youth employment in the region.

I’m a non‑resident fellow at Massey College.

I’m a competitive cook. You may also find me occasionally singing at open-mic events.